Basic Communications User Training (BCUT)

To get credit for BCUT Training, you must have attended a BCUT Class. This must be verified by the Squadron Commander, Major Twiddy; Emergency Services Officer, Capt McGill; or the Cadet Emergency Services Officer, C/1st Lt Jonathan Knapp. If you have been verfied then you must print out the form (NCWGF-12). Leave the block entitled "Radio Authorization" blank. Bring your completed NCWGF-12 to the weekly squadron meeting and ask for permission to see Major Twiddy, who will then collect your form, sign it, and then hand carry it to wing headquarters.

To get your BCUT card (ROA):
§ Create an NCWG account at
§ On the right navigation bar under search, click “paperless wing”
§ On the right column, under “Your Member Information”, click “View Your Member Data Records”
§ In the left column, click “Communications Capabilities”
§ Underneath “ROA Information,” (ROA = Radio Operations Authorization) click “Generate Printable CAPF76 ROA Card”
§ A page will come up with a link to your ROA. Open the link and print out your ROA. Keep it with your 101 Card.

To add BCUT to your 101 card:
§ Generate your PDF ROA and save the file to your computer.
§ Log on to E-Services§ On the left navigation bar, open “My Operations Qualifications”
§ Under “Emergency Services” click “Single Person”
§ Scroll down to BCUT, click the box, and insert the date you took BCUT in the appropriate box.
§ Under your name at the top of the page, click “View/Upload Documents”
§ Select “BCUT” at the end of the drop-down list
§ Click “Choose File” and upload your saved ROA PDF.
§ Hit “Upload ES Files” and you’re done!

After these directions, if you have any questions, contact the Cadet Emergency Services Officer, C/1st Lt Jonathan Knapp at gro.008nordauqs|OSEC#gro.008nordauqs|OSEC

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