101 Card

In order to get your 101 card, you must take the CAPT 116 and the FEMA 100 tests. Both are open book, and you can find them here.

CAPT 116

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When a page comes up with a security warning asking if you want to continue to the website, click yes. This website is protected by the Department of Defense and is perfectly safe to access. However, some computers don't recognize the security certificate.

FEMA 100

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To get your 101 card after you have completed these tests, go to https://www.capnhq.gov/CAP.eServices.Web/eServices.aspx and sign in. On the left hand side, click "My Operations Qualifications". On the left, under "Emergency Services", click "101 Card". This will bring up your 101 card. You need to fill in your weight, height, eye and hair color. Don't worry about the picture. If you can, put the bar code on the 101 card, but don't stress over that. Once you have it filled out, click the link that says "Click here to obtain your 101 card". This will bring up the printable version, then you can print it off. Cut it out, and fold it in half. You now have a 101 card.

After getting your 101 card, there are additional courses you may need to take over the course of your ES training.

FEMA 700

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